Upcoming Workshops

Announcing our 2014 series of   
Inner Child workshops

Workshop 1.  “Connecting with your Inner Child”
Using guided meditations, poetry, art and crafts to connect
with your inner child.
    Sunday 9th March 2014 10.00am till 4.00pm

Workshop 2.  “Embracing your Inner Child”
Through the guided use of Stones/Shells discover the impact
your relationship with significant others has had on your inner
Sunday 13th April 2014 10.00am till 4.00pm

Refreshments and a two course lunch provided.

CPD certificate awarded

Workshops honed over several successful years delivery

Held in the peaceful surroundings of Whalley Abbey

Whalley Abbey

    Comments from those who joined us at previous workshops:

  “Great surroundings”    “Brilliant day”    “Wonderful support from facilitators”          
         “Peaceful”      “Great insight into my way of being”     “Very powerful”   
   “Helped me understand my family system”     “Would recommend to others”

£75 per day or £140 for the two days when booked together.
For an information leaflet and booking form please contact:
Val Boulton
01942 711598

Download booking forms for Inner Child Workshops by clicking here

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Why not complete the experience by booking overnight accommodation at
Whalley Abbey by calling 01254 828400.






About the Inner Child

How it comes into being.

As children we are naturally playful, creative and spontaneous with an almost endless energy and sense of wonder at the world. Eager to learn and trusting of those who take care of us, we are open to life.

However, all too often the process of growing up involves being wounded, experiencing hurts that we are not able to deal with. Thoughts and feelings that are quite often buried deep inside us in the form of an inner child, and taken into adulthood as behaviours that to a greater and lesser extent restrict and limit how we live our lives.

Recognising the inner child.

There are many ways in which you may notice that your inner child is active.

Some that are unhelpful:


And others that are more helpful:


Why embrace your inner child?

As children we will have experienced hurts, and learnings that restrict and limit how we live our lives. We were small and inexperienced, we had no choice. But as adults we can choose to reconnect with our inner child, and through awareness and gentle loving kindness heal our wounds, liberate our sense of wonder, regain our energy, joy and natural creativity, substantially changing the quality of our lives and the lives of those around us. 

Our workshops will provide you with the opportunity to:

    has had on your inner child

In a safe and supportive environment.