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My fees for counselling or supervision appointments


My fee for counselling appointments is  £30.00 per hour. If you feel that you want to book a block of sessions, say 6, the fee for this can be negotiated at the initial meeting. You can pay by cash or cheque at the end of each session; I will give you a written receipt.
It is usual to see clients on a weekly basis though I am aware that because of working patterns and commitments it is not always possible.


Tel: 01942 711598
Mobile: 07855 894 149



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You can book a half hour 'getting to know you session' for free. This is usual practice within supervision. My fee for qualified counsellors is £30.00 per hour and for the newly qualified (post diploma for up to 1 year) is £25.00 per hour. Again you can pay by cash or cheque at the end of each session or I can invoice your employer for payment. A written receipt will be given.

Supervision is usually on a calendar month basis, though I am available to contact if an emergency occurs.


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